Internet Anxiety and Its Relationship with Some Demographic Variables among Amman Private University

Amjad Abu-Jadi, Mohammad Bani Younes


The purpose of the study was to discover internet anxiety, and to find differences in internet anxiety according to gender and collage among sample from Amman private university, which accounted (2090) male and female student whom enrolled in introduction to psychology courses in the academic year, to achieve the study goal and to answer the study questions, internet anxiety scale was developed which had appropriated validity and risibility index.
The result of the research showed that there are no significant differences in internet anxiety according to the gender, and there are significant differences internet anxiety according to collage, also there is an interaction in the effect of internet anxiety in student life according to gender and college, the researcher suggested many recommendations such as the importance to train the student to deal with internet anxiety.


Internet Anxiety, Demographic Variables.

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