The Functions of Word Form

Assim S. Ali


This paper deals with the functions of word Form by specifying the differences between the form of word, its structure, and morphological measurement. The researcher found that the form of word has meaning through expand of voice, or additional of letters for it, or one form for synonymous. The variety of meaning for one form appears in substantive, or in the form of (istfala), or through broken plural, or by causative. Then the researcher searched in the variety of form for one meaning by sharing two forms or more in one meaning. The morphological form is considered as syntactical context. The form of word in phrase was chosen in as: form of nomen vices, nomen agent, verbal noun, and intensiveness form. The paper ended by clarifying the differences in Qiraat and its effect on semantics, which refers to Arab dialect, and meaning.


The Functions of Word, Morphological Measurement, Syntactical Context.

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