Pronoun Antecedents in Surat Al-KAHF from Textual Functional Perspective

Abdelmahdi Aljarah, Ibrahim Alkofahi, Muhammad Alqdah


This research aims at studying pronoun antecedents in surat AL-KAHF from a textual functional perspective in order to highlight its effect in forming the cohesive and communicative ties of koranic text.
This research began with discussing the linguistic notion of antecedent and its significance. An analysis of textual function of pronoun in surat AL-KAHF is then provided.
Findings are that referential pronouns contribute in establishing consistent and specific textual function that enhance the communicative value of Koranic text leading the Korainc discourse to its intended goals.


Antecedent, Pronoun, Surat AL-KAHF, Communication, Text, Function

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