Attracting Younger Millennials: Lifting Bond Out of a Transitional Sinkhole

Yosra Jarrar, Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali, Ayodeji Awobamise


This study critically explored why the four latest installments in the Bond franchise did not resonate well with younger millennial audiences who are poised to constitute a considerable size of movie consumers in the near future. Using an inductive approach, four CinemaSin videos criticizing the four Bond movies under study were analyzed, described and categorized. 10 categorical criticisms alongside four common preferences of millennial movie goers: authenticity, creativity, diversity and ease at which content can be related to, were used to develop six propositions that were associated with a potential to increase the appeal of future Bond movies among younger millennials.


Millennials, James Bond; 007, CinemaSin; Millennial Preferences

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