The popular Music Moulds In Jordan (Al-Hijeni) as a sample

Ayman Tayseer


This simple study aims to contribute to the keeping of the Jordanian popular heritage moreover; it attempts to investigate to what level the Jordanian popular song has reached. It also comes to show the influence of the song on developing the general musical sense for the whole society within the Arab Musical frame.

This study also comes to explain the importance of the heritage Music, the necessity of saving this kind of music from loss and the necessity of making it widely spread.This have been archived in this study through showing one of the Jordanian popular singing moulds (Al-Hijeni ) and studying the origin and the development of popular music which is performed in weddings. Another way of spreading this kind of music is shown to be through writing down the musical tunes for the (Al- Hijeni ).

The Jordanian researcher was interested in making the concept of the popular song in Jordan clear. He concentrated on its importance for the coming generation to come. Also, studied the Jordanian Folklore as a very important element of the heritage. It is considered a core issue because it is the case of roots and branches. Researchers also called for adopting modernization to connect between the classical music and the modern one.


Al-Hijeni, Popular Heritage, Arabian Music.

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