The Analysis of the Geomorphometric and Landforms of Sarhan Basin, in Jordan

Yusra Abed Alkareem Alhusban


The main goal of this paper is to study the general morphometric characteristics of the Sarhan Basin (SB) in Jordan, and classify its Landforms. It relied on data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) for preparing the digital elevation model (DEM), then geographical information system (GIS) was used to evaluate major linear, relief, and aerial aspects of morphometric parameters. For landforms classification, we applied the topographic position index (TPI). TPI values are dependent upon the cell size, Shape, and the standard deviation (SD) of the TPI. In this study, we used cycle type with neighborhood cell size: 3000m and (SD) 11.9. By using TPI, the study area classified into aslope position index having six classes; valley, lower slope, flat slope, middle slope, upper slope and ridge, with valley and ridge the vast majority of landforms constitute 86% of all six landforms classes.


Landform, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Sarhan Basin, Topographic Position Index (TPI), Slope Position Index (SPI).


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