The Effect at Symmetrical Pattems of Sounds in Achieving Harmonious Relations within The Poetic text " Abi Nawas Poem (Al Nooneya) as a Model "

Rihan AlMasaeed


This paper aims at exploring the effect of symmetrical patterns of sounds at the structural level in achieving harmony at the semantic level in a poetic text. This is done by pointing out the importance of rhyme, rhythm, meter, homophony etc and showing their aesthetic and semantic roles in a poem. The study begins with the central question: to what extent can the readers of a literary text exploit the different devices of achieving symmetrical sound patterns to explain the poetic, aesthetic, and semantic harmony within a text? The researcher took Nooneyat Abi Al Nawas as an example equipped with the principles of the reader’s response theory to provide a real analysis of the selected poetic text.

Key words: symmetry, harmony, rhyme, sound pattern text, Abi Al Nawas


Key words: symmetry؛ harmony؛ rhyme؛ sound pattern text؛ Abi Al Nawas


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