Phonetical changes influenced by metric reasons in “Kazahril lawzi aw abcad” (Like Almond Flower or Further) of Mahmoud Darwish

Afnan Najjar


This paper dealt with the Phonetical changes in Darwish’s poetic collection published in 2005 influenced by metric reasons.
Some changes occurred in consonants such as changing wasl hamzah into a qatc hamza and vice versa, and stress on consonants or vice versa.
Other changes occurred in vowels such as shortening long vowels or prolonging short ones, appearance of syntactic short vowel marks at the end of a sentence or a stanza, taskeen (getting read of syntactic short vowel within a sentence or a stanza, in addition to changing syntactic short vowels and changing morphological short vowels (harakaat)


: Phonetical changes, metric need, meter, poetic line & foot


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