The Scientific Life in Safad at the Eighth Century of Hijra

Fu’adAbd Al-Raheem Al-Duwaykat


Despite the presence of many studies on the scholarly and scientific life in Palestine during the Mamluk period, there is still need for more studies on cultural and scientific activities that specific Palestinian cities and towns witnessed during that era. Scientific activities that the city of Safad witnessed during the Mamluk period is one of the most important issues that needs to be highlighted.
This paper is a historical collection of the main aspects of scientific and scholarly life in Safed during the eighth century AH. It depends on analyzing what is mentioned in historical sources on this era.
This study comes in two main sections; first the scientific, educational and religious associations established in Safed.The second section studies the main fields of scientific life in Safed in the 8th century and its main figures. This is followed by a conclusion.


Scientific life, Scholarly life, Safed, 8th century AH.

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