Examining the Phenomenon of Menstrual Synchrony at an International Co-educational Boarding High School in Jordan

Nadine Jarrar


Whether or not menstrual synchrony exists has been a topic of debate since 1971, following Martha K. McClintock’s first research in the field (McClintock, 1971). By 2006, Dr. Jeffrey Schank finally put a lid on it, declaring synchrony was a perception rather than a phenomenon (Yang & Schank, 2006). This study revisits menstrual synchrony particularly among close friends residing in an all-female dormitory at a coeducational boarding school in Jordan. The conservative culture to which residents adhere suggested a conducive environment for the study. For the first time in the field, the sample only examined 14-18 year old women -a group that previous researchers either excluded or included within a larger sample for fear that their cycles were far too irregular. With 85% participation rate, a group of 59 females were studied across a 181-day period. No significant results proving synchrony or the impact of degree of closeness were found, providing support for previous researchers’ conclusions regarding menstrual synchrony.


Menstrual synchrony; 14-18 years; closeness; dormitory; friendship

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