Imlalah (Rural feminine collective Palestinian singing)

Mohammad Ahmad Mosleh


This research aims at identifying an original lyrical form of the rural lyrical folk forms that were inherited in Palestine from the old ages till recent times which is called "Imlalah", Which is located two types: individual and collective. this is categorized under the collective feminine singing in terms of the areas it spreads and it's artistic structure and the way of it's performance and kinds, in addition to it's performance elements and it's artistic features: poetic and musical.
The researcher deals with " Imlalah" singing since it is an original rural singing that spread in the middle and south of Palestine. And also he investigates the basic terms of this research, moreover, he listed the terms and the colloquial words in a special appendix, and he describes the circle of " Imlalah" and it's proceedings through explaining the way of performance and it's stages, he also dealt with the most famous forms of " Imlalah" that is built on the poetic refrains such as: "yulu yarweidateli", "lal aleeh", "ea rwelelo" , And increases Character "L " for some of his words. at the end of his research, he mentioned the findings that he got, he also put some recommendations in view of his findings.


فولكلور، قالب غنائي، طقوس، رقص فولكلوري، لازمة شعرية، املالاه، رويللو، التراويد، مقام موسيقي، الدحاريج، غناء جمعي، غناء فردي، غناء تبادلي.


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