The Political Concept of Energy Security: The Case of Jordan

Emad Abdallah Ayasreh, Mohamad Zaini BinAbuBakar, Roghayeh Khosravi


This study aims to determine the political concept of energy security and its importance to foreign policy in Jordan. The study investigates the importance of energy security in international relations. It clarifies the global concept of energy security. It also highlights the politics of energy security among states. The study based on Jordan as a case study. To put emphasis on this issue, the data have been collected using semi-structured interviews with elite, as well as journals and documents, and have been analyzed through qualitative content analysis using the software NVivo 10. The study shows that the concept of energy security in Jordan is based on two main elements: sufficient energy supply and affordable energy price. It also shows the importance of securing gas for foreign policymakers after the collapse of Mubarak regime in Egypt in 2011. The study concludes that energy security became a major objective for Jordan’s foreign policy, particularly after 2006.


Energy Security, Jordan’s Foreign Policy, Jordan, Middle East.


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