General Developments in Jordan under Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tal (1962-1971) "Historical Study – the Newspapers as a Source"

Ibrahim Faour Al Shraah, anwar debbshi aljazy


This study aims to shed light on the impact of the Economic, Administrative, Social and Legal Developments in Jordan during the governments of Wasfi Al-Tal. The study reveals how the group of steps and decisions taken by the Al-Tal government contributed to improving and developing these aspects. The government of Al-Tal seeked to provide the state treasury with the necessary funds from several sources in order to stimulate economic growth and development projects. From the administrative sector, attention has been paid to modernize the functioning of the administrative apparatus, institutions and government departments. Many of the social witnessed steps that have influenced its development and progress, as the Al-Tal government worked on the issuing of many laws and legislation that organized various aspects of life in the Kingdom of Jordan.


Wasfi Al-Tal, economic, administrative, social and legal developments


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