Suggested Educational Principles for Integrating Humor inside Classes of English at Birzeit University Based on the Relief Theory

Rania Qasrawi, Mohammad Saleem Alzboon


This study aims to determine (1) how students and teachers perceive humor inside English classes in terms of decreasing tension and anxiety, (2) how students perceive their instructors of sense of humor, (3) how humor influences the atmosphere inside classrooms, (4) as well as to suggest some educational principles for using humor inside English classes at BZU. This type of research is qualitative research with a developmental descriptive design. The participants in the study are 200 students, who were placed at Unlock English remedial courses at BZU, in addition to 5 instructors at Languages and Translation Department. Data collection method is done by a qualitative survey and instructors interviews. Based on the results of the data analysis, students and instructors indicated that humor does decrease the tension inside English classes and creates a caring atmosphere. Instructors of sense of humor are perceived approachable and humane. Besides, some educational principles and practices of humor in teaching a foreign language were generated from the obtained data after being confirmed and reviewed by 8 experts. Based on the results, some recommendations were stated.


Integrating Humor ;Birzeit University


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