Khawian aljdood and its political relationship with the kings of Sheba and thee Redan: A study through Inscription

Sameerah Saeed AlQahtani


The Royal title (king of Sheba and thee Redan) appeared in a period full of political conflicts and clashes. The conflict between Sheba and Himyar was intensified; Sheba faced troubles from several parties. The kingdom of Hadhramaut waged a war against Sheba in the ear of its king (Yada El), negotiations between the two parties commenced but gained no success.
Once king (Watar Yahman ) ascended rule, the political situation of Sheba began to weaken, and he could no longer face the danger of Himyar(Alredany)alone due to lack of experience in ruling the state, therefore, the pressure of Himyar and the danger of Khawian aljdood tribes in Saada increase.
Sheba resorted to what is known as the triple alliance against Himyar after the continuous disputes between the king of the western Hill and the increase danger of Himyar, Each party has achieved his aims from the alliance, but things quickly changed and serious developments emerged .The most prominent development was the collusion of some tribes with the Ethiopians , mainly Khawian aljdood tribes . This collusion worried the kings of Sheba. Khawian continued to rebel against the kings of Sheba and thee Redan starting from the region of king(Watar Yahman ) , but Sheba succeed in disciplining those tribes and suppressing their rebellion.


Keywords: Khawian aljdood, king of Sheba and thee Redan, Inscription, Watar Yahman


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