Particularities Of Culture-Specific Idiomatic Expressions: Source, Translation And Social Context

Adnan Smadi


In this article, we examine the different methods of translating French idiomatic expressions and their respective equivalents in Arabic. Since they are cited in some studies as types of difficulties, it was necessary to try to understand and explain what the main characteristics of these expressions is and why they may represent difficulties in translation. Actually, analyzing expressions, especially invariable ones, leads us always to examine the "norm" and "normalization", even "normative" in discourse. We will move after that to observe the problem that the form may engender to the translator. We shall end the study by a review of some opinions of translators regarding the translation of idiomatic expressions. Finally, our method will be exposed to structural, sociolinguistic and pragmatic points of view in order to transform the principles of precaution in the action in translation.


translation, expression, idiomaticity, method, form, meaning, normalization

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