Digital Media: The Problematic of Concept and the Definition of Channels in Media Studies

Abdulkareem Ali Aldebaisi, Ibrahim Fuad AlKhasawneh


The aim of this descriptive study is: to show the problem with the concept of "digital media" and with identifying its channels in media studies and to formulate a clear and precise scientific concept for the term and its channels that distinguishes it from other terms in use, such as electronic media, new media and modern media. The two researchers used survey methodology on a purposive sample of 57 members of staff in departments and faculties of journalism, mass communication, and media at Arab universities. The study has revealed that 68% of the sample believe that there is a problem with defining the digital media concept in media studies; and 93% stress the importance of standardizing the terminology among media and communication scholars at Arab universities. The study results in the formulation of a scientific concept for “digital media” and in the identification of digital media channels and the definition of the general concepts of these channels. In conclusion, the study recommends that the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) organize a conference with a view to reaching common visions that would contribute to the reshaping of curricula in the media and communication departments and faculties at Arab universities.


Digital media, electronic media, new media, digital media channels.


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