Focus Group as as qualitative technique in cross-cultural research

Ramodungoane Tabane


The aim of this study was to see how focus groups discussion can be facilitated to get the authentic from the participants in a cross-cultural study. In the sub-Saharan Africa, traditional medicine and traditional believes are still practiced. People consult with the traditional health practitioners for various personal reasons including treatment for HIV/AIDS. Traditional health practising can be regarded as a cornerstone of African tradition and represents a sensitive area for researchers who wish to explore traditional health practices, knowledge, and its impact on health-seeking behaviour. Qualitative research methodology was employed at three sites in Gauteng and two sites in KwaZulu-Natal. Focus group discussions were conducted in local languages by moderators. The results of the study indicated that emic knowledge, understanding and interpretations can be elicited with appropriate research methodology especially when the custodians of traditional and cultural practices are included as part of the research team.


Culture; Cross-culture; Group dynamics; Moderator


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