The Dramatic Program in the Third Movement of Al-Hussein Bin Ali Symphony by Yousef Khasho as a Model (Analytical study )

Haitham Sukkarieh


The program music such as the program symphony, symphony poem or melodic poem depend on a dramatic program that could just be a title, a certain motto or a literal depiction of a poem or idea. This kind of composition relies on the imagination inspiration of the said ideas and on its influence on the listener to the music connected with this idea. The program music appeal to the Arab composers in the orchestral writing area, as this kind of compositions expresses their imagination, belonging, association with their environments and love of their own nations and Arabism. Yousef Khasho is one of the Arab nationalist composers who formed many program music works through which he depicted many national causes by a written story (a dramatic program), and he linked his melodic ideas with his dramatic ideas in such a manner that serves the program, and by using many musical elements to realize that. The researcher noticed the importance of those works, so the research problem was found to be the rarity of researches that deal with a detailed analysis within the academic standards of the Arab composers in general and Yousef Khasho's works in particular. In addition, the research derives its significance from the artistic techniques that can be used in the dramatic program of the orchestral works. Furthermore, the researcher faced the problem of Khasho's work sheet music loss, so he rewrote the sheet music by listening to some of his works including Al Hussein bin Ali Symphony supported by the Scientific Research Deanship of Jordan University. The researcher found a rich material, which is worth studying and publishing to benefit from it.


Yousef Kasho, Al-Hussein Bin Ali Symphony, Program Symphony, Nationalism, Music, Homophonic, Polyphonic, Program Music, Harmony, Chords, Orchestration.


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