The Manifestations of Urbanism During the Mongols the Ilkhanites (683-703/1284-1304)

suaad hadi al-taai


Despite the violence in the history of the Mongols in the beginning of their appearance in the political arena and because of their preoccupation with their military campaigns and building the nucleus of their vast empire, they have not lost sight of the vocabulary of civilization, construction and urbanism and this is not coming between the night and its parts ,but it resulted from their mixing with the civilized and cultured peoples that were under their authority and in fact I see that the Mongols were the ones who underwent these peoples and they merged with them and contributed to the establishment of a sound foundation for the construction of a new civilization in its administrative and political institutions where a mixture of the Efficient elements in the development of cultural and administrative touches in every part of their state.
The Mongol Alkhananat is interested in the arts of architecture and construction and the Ilkhan Argun (683-690AH/1284-1291) and Elkhan Gazan (694-703AH/1295-1304) in front of them as well as the construction of squares, resorts, schools, hospitals, mosques, markets, etc.


Argun, Gazan,Shanab Gazan, Endowments, Al Gazani river

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