Documents of Jerusalem Legal Court No. (41) as a Model of Military Division Books (Documentary Study)

Galeb Abed Ahmad Al-Arabiat


This study aims to shed light on the importance of the documents of military division books through the military Qassam's (lit. dividers) role in the documents referred to by the legal record of Jerusalem No. 41 from (967 AH / 1559 AD) to 1005 AH / AD 1596. This is implemented based on the copy of the same record that is available on microfilm devices and is saved on an electronic copy in Center for Documents, Manuscripts and Bilad al-Sham studies at the University of Jordan.
The importance of studying this record lies in that there are no independent records of military division in Palestine in general and Jerusalem in particular. This record is therefore, unique with respect to its nature, content and issues, especially when the Qassam (divider) or his deputy was examining the marriage contracts, slavery release, the documents of trusteeship, the legal inheritance, and the related loans, and related debts and mortgages. This also includes the contracts of sale, purchase and suspension and the contents of those documents.


Documents of Jerusalem Legal Court, 16th century, Military Qassams, Ottoman Empire

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