The Poetry of Stylistic Shift in The Poem of Lamentation Between AbiTammam and Al – Bahtri

ِAfaf Mohammad Mustafa Fraiht, Amal Taher Mohammad


This research aims to study the stylistic deviation in the poem of lamentation between Abi Tammam and al-Buhtri by standing on the deviation in the artistic image which represents a salient stylistic feature in poetry. The research deals with simile, metaphor, antithesis, and metonymy in an attempt to highlight the impact of deviation and its aesthetic value in the poem of Lamentations, which bears the feelings of a special nature associated with the loss of someone with regard to two Abbasid poets, the origin of their poetry has a remarkable degree.
The research includes an introduction, a preface, four topics and conclusion. The preface deals with a theoretical introduction to the concept of modern and ancient deviation. The four topics discuss simile, metaphor,antithesis, and metonymy based on the descriptive analytical approach. The study shows the effect of the deviation in the poem of lamentation of the two poets, where it represents an aesthetic artistic art.


Abi Tammam,Al-Buhtri‎,counterpoint, Displacement, Analogy, Metaphor

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