The Effect of Hotel Attributes on Length of Stay and Hotel choices in Coastal Cities: Aqaba as a Case Study

Omar A. Alananzeh, Mohammad Al-Badarneh, Bashar Maaiah, Ahmad A. Al-Mkhadmeh


Choosing the hotel is one of the most important purchase decisions for travelers where the motives of choice are built on certain features. In coastal cities, the hotel attributes and location (offshore or on the beach) are important factors in choosing the hotel and the length of stay. This study aims at identifying the effect of hotel attributes and location in the coastal cities on the process of the tourists' choice of a hotel and the relationship between the hotel attributes and length of stay. A sample of 286 tourists in the coastal city of Aqaba in Jordan were collected from different hotels on the beach and within the city. The results showed that the staff, image, and reputation of the hotel have affected tourists’ length of stay. The study revealed that young tourists prefer city hotels whereas females and old people prefer beach hotels. This study is an attempt to suggest managerial implications for hotels in coastal cities to meet the needs and demands of their potential guests and to increase the rate of their stay.


Attributes, Location, Selecting, Coastal City, Jordan, Aqaba

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