The Ugliness in Arabic Poetry: “Cultural Criticism Reading”

Ahmed Mohammad Al-Bzour


This study attempts to discuss the concept of "ugliness" as a modern monetary term and one of the concepts of beauty philosophy and its application to Arabic poetry, It starts from a vision that confirms that ugliness is a form of beauty in this artistic creativity on one hand, and on the other hand this study sought in its entirety to analyze and explain the phenomenon of ugliness in modern Arab poetry, Taking it upon itself to reveal what is hidden from the structure of ugliness and clarify the diversity of its methods and the multiplicity of its methods and means of conducting it by means of stylistic and cultural tools as the study aims to explore for ugliness in the word and images; To show its aesthetic and artistic dimensions and to reveal the connotations that resulted from it, the researcher has attempted to investigate in this study forms of ugliness and review of its manifestations and to explain its cultural and psychological dimensions


Concept of Ugliness, beauty philosophy.


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