The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Development of Jordanian Society

Ismail Al Zyoud


The study aims at investigating the role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Jordanian society development in Jordan. A descriptive analysis methodology is used . The study uses a questionnaire to collect the required data which is designed in accordance with the research hypothesis and objectives. The targeted population is the NGOs officials. A random sample of 120 NGO officials in Jordan. Analysis of the collected data reveals that NGOs have a statistically significant role (α<.05) on the development of local society (local environment, families and government institutions). This illustrates the combined efforts of various NGOs in promoting the local community. The study recommends that NGOs in Jordan should coordinate their efforts in order to avoid duplication, and to distribute their services fairly to all local communities


Non-Governmental organizations; local community; Local environment; family development; government institutions.


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