violence against married woman in Jordanian women

Sahar AlSharaa, Abdullah Qazan



The study aimed to detect against wife in Jordanian society of violence, and that standing on the most prominent forms of violence against her, where study used survey method sample to achieve the goals, and the study sample consisted of 250 battered women were selected in a manner deliberate dispensers as follows (in 100) battered woman of Jordanian women / Irbid, and Union (90) battered the maternal and child protection society woman, and (60) of the battered woman Jordanian Women's Union / Ramtha, the study used a questionnaire as an essential tool to achieve their goals.
An analysis of the sample individuals from battered women's answers to the study found that there is a continuation of women's vulnerability to violence by her husband both types of verbal and physical and largely clear of most battered women in spite of civilization and cultural progress and women in recent friction with the labor market and the transition from low scientific levels high levels.
The researcher has developed a set of recommendations contributed to the enrichment of this study.


Key words: violence, forms of violence, physical violence, verbal violence,gender.


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