The Caliphate State Concept in the Ideological Theses of Al-Qaeda Organisation Intellects (Jihad)

khaled Jamil Mohsen


The study explores a subject of a great importance as ; it contributed to the analysis of the concept of the caliphate state in the intellectual narrative of Al-Qaeda. The analysis approach was mainly used in this study, in addition to using the exploration approach in investigating the nature of the Al-Qaeda political intellect in regards to the concept of caliphate. It was found through the study that even though Al-Qaeda’s ultimate goal is regaining the lost caliphate, their leaders, Bin Laden and Al-Thawahiri wanted to achieve that through a gradual approach. Both leaders saw that the establishment of the caliphate must happen at the right time , and that international enemies must be removed so a fair and a secure Islamic state will be established, they also believe that the first the establishment of the caliphate is the first step in developing the Islamic state or the Islamic rule.


Intellectual Theses, Al-Qaeda Organisation (Jihad), Islamic State.


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