Jordanian Songs of (Fardah)

Raida Ahmad Alwan, Mohammad Taha Ghawanmeh


This study discusses the songs of (Al-Fardah) as an important model and a cultural heritage of popular folk wedding songs in Jordan. The aim of this study is to introduce (Al- Fardah) as a common Jordanian ritual singing, and to identify its most prominent artistic characteristics. The importance of this study is stated in the artistic and social values of the traditional poetic and melodic forms of (Al- Farida), which the researchers devoted most of their attention to obtaining them from their reliable heritage sources.
(Al-Fardah) is a gorgeous parade featuring a group of men and women heading to the house of the bride's father to take her to the groom's house. This study shed light on the basic stages of this procession. The researchers examined different lyrical models from the songs of (Al- Fardah), after analyzing it’s’ melodies, metrical rhythms, rhythms, and modes, they researchers came up with important results related to the lyrics, melody, rhythm and performance of ( Al-Fardah).


Al-Fardah, Songs of Al-Fardah, Music, Jordanian Folk Song, Marriage Songs, Al-Samada


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