Mechanism of Utilizing the Media: it’s Role in Political Communication and Impact on Public Opinion

Moh'd Hamad Mostafa Al-Katatsheh


The study is designed to analyze the pillars, mechanism, role and effects of the political communication on public opinion, in the fields of international relations, public administration, media and political science as well as communication science studying the relationship between media, politics and governance in all its forms and effects. The increasing influence of media on society in general and on the behavior of politicians and the functioning of political and administrative institutions specifically, is defined as a process of media. Moreover, there is no doubt that the human being has a mind through which it seeks to reveal the facts of things and knowledge of various manifestations and phenomena. This requires finding an ideal way to satisfy his curiosity and heal his glories which lead to the emergence of so-called media machine or the media in various forms and varieties. In this context, the media revolution or the information technology that the world has witnessed has turned all balances. The media has become a cornerstone in the building of the state, but it is considered a component o f symbols of national sovereignty.Furthermore, the "media is an effective tool and an integrated system" that must be activated in building a state and consolidating its national constants and citizens as well. Media nowadays is the main focus of people's minds and their attitudes. They are surrounded by means from all sides and everywhere, from written and audiovisual means, such as radio and television, to various websites made available by the spread of the Internet and technological advances. The media is also the fourth authority after the legislative, judicial and executive authorities because of its great influence on changing and shaping the intellectual, political and social attitudes that constitute the public opinion. In this paper, the researcher is discussing the influence of the media on public opinion. The study depends on two main questions, and answering them is the goal that the paper seeks. This goal is achieved in the result of facts, recommendations and conclusion of this study, in order to confront this media disinformation which affects the Arab and Islamic nation


Public Opinion; National Sovereignty; Information Technology; Political Communication

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