Economic and Social Transitions, and Their Impact on Young People’s Attitudes toward Education and Work (Field Study on University of Jordan Students)

Ismail AlZyoud


This study aims at investigating the impact of social and economic transitions on university students’ attitudes towards education and work. This cohort is important in terms of work and renewable production. The study focuses on the many reasons why young people are reluctant to do socially undesirable work. They choose businesses and professions that satisfy the desires of a range of conservative social customs and traditions. Therefore, the study seeks to identify the levels of social and economic change among university students in Jordan and to recognize trends in their attitudes towards education and work. The study population is selected from University of Jordan undergraduates from all disciplines. The sample of 325 individuals has been selected using random sampling; under the university’s requirements it is compulsory to include students from different faculties and disciplines, with a balance of genders and levels of study. The research concludes that there is a statistically significant impact between social and economic changes and the attitudes of youth towards education.


Economic and Social Transitions, Impact, Young People’s Attitudes, Education and Work.


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