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Journal Homepage Image Dirasat is an international peer-refereed research journal published in seven specialized series by the Deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan. Issues of Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences are published tri-annually. Articles submitted are reviewed according to the highest standards by scientists specialized in their fields. The articles are written in Arabic or English.

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Posted: 2015-02-16
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Current Issue: Vol 42, No 2 (2015)

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Trading Activity and Price Movement in Egypt, The Time of The Ayyubid (69-648A.H/1173-1250A.D) PDF
Fawzi Khalid Tawahya
The Significance of Privative (Lao – Conditional particle) in the Efforts of Grammarians and Rationalist Scholars PDF
Imad Ahmad Al-Zabn
Category Linguistic between Acceptability and Preference Language Lousy Model PDF
Omar Abunawas
The Trends Toward Music Exhibited by the Students of Musical Arts at the University of Jordan PDF
Nidal Nusairat, Ayman T. Hussein
Spoken and Written Arabic of Israeli Arabs, Mutual Influences with Modern Hebrew Language PDF
Hassan Ahmad Hassan
The Sedition of Al-Ghaz and Sultan Seljuk Singer (548-552 AH /1153 – 1157 AD) PDF
Mohammad Kh. Momani
Revelations of Intertextual Relationships in the Last Divan of Mahmoud Darwish Titled "I Don't Want this Poem to Come to an End" PDF
Ahmad zuhair Rahahleh
Poetry of Ibn Al-Labbanah to Al-Muutamed Ibn Abbad PDF
Ragda Al-Zboon
Dialectical Relationship between Music and Drama PDF
Ali Abdullah
Social Pressures: The Available Flexibility- and The Desired Changes Experimental Study on the Mobility in the Jordanian Community 2012-2013 PDF
Tarek Abu Hazeem
Coping Mechanisms of Poor Urban Women PDF
Raniah A. Jabr
Reproaching and Threatening Kalifs in the Umayyad Poetry: “Motives and Results” PDF
Mufleh Al-Fayiz
The Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha: Study in his Political Role (898 AH/ 1520 AD – 942 AH/ 1536 AD) PDF
Eman abdRahman Hayajneh
Media Diversity in the Pronunciation Training in Large Groups of Learners. Evaluation of a German Pronunciation Training PDF
Renata Asali-van der Wal
Problems Faced by English-Speaking Students When Learning Verbs Associated with Tense and Aspect in the Arabic Language PDF
Mohammad Aref Ali, Basma Ahmad Sedki Dajani
Jordanian Learners’ Acquisition of English Nominal-Phrase Premodification PDF
Khaled Abdullah Al Anbar
The Image Construction in the Case of IbnArabi and Jala-u-ddin Al-Roumi PDF
Noor M. Qudah
The Security Theory Administrative Governor PDF
Malik Hani Khraisat
Elements of Harmony in Marital Life and its Relationship to Social Factors: A Study on a Sample of Couples Working in The Public Schools in Northern Jordan PDF
Yousef Damen Al khataybeh
Entre le bien et le mal: dire le social à travers des proverbes. Analyse d’un feuilleton de Fahmi Abd el-Hamid, Wardachane, fille de Sultan, et Mando, fils d’éboueur (1986), inspiré des Mille et une Nuits PDF
Najib RABADI, Waël Ghassab RABADI
Anthropology, Ethnography, Folkloristic: Differentiation of the Disciplines. Practical advice in Collecting and Recording of Folk Music Samples based on particular theoretical school. PDF
Aziz A. Madi, Tsonka M. Al-Bakri
Temporality: Contextualizing Experience in DeLillo’s Falling Man PDF
Nath Aldalala’a

ISSN: 1026-3721