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Posted: 2015-02-16
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Current Issue: Vol 42, No 1 (2015)

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Time Indication of Nouns in Arabic: Present Participle, Past Participle and Gerund, as Models PDF
Mohammad Hassan Qwaqzeh
Phenomenon of Repetition in Mohammad Lafi’s Collection of Poems “Lam Ya’odd Daraj UlOmri: Akhdhar” PDF
Ahmad Ghalib Al-Kharsheh
Arabian Gulf Students Studying in the Jordanian Universities and Their Problems from their Point of View PDF
J. Al-Sa’aydih, A. Al-Awawadeh, Hana Al-Hadidi
The Political Theory of Al-Farabi A Study in the Relation between Al-Fayd with Civil Politics PDF
Derar Ali Bani Yaseen
The Efficacy of Training Program for Improving Self-Control and Reducing Isolation Among Adolescent Students PDF
Ibrahim Bajes Ma’ali
The Image of Sea in Mahmoud Darwish Poems...Beirut Sea as a Model PDF
Muhammad M. Al-Dkheel
Cognitive Transformations of Realism and Liberalism In Contemporary International Relations Theory PDF
Wassfi Aqel
Poetics of Contrast:"Alaqadriahlilazmi" of Al-Mutanabbi as a Model PDF
Mohammad K. Khalayleh
The Behavior of Merchant's toward the Development of the Commercial Areas in Amman PDF
Reem Al-Ziud, Naseem Barham
Methods of Teaching Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages-between Theory and Practice PDF
Nadia M. Al-Asaaf
Awareness Reality of the University of Jordan Students to the Concepts of National Education and their Degree of Representation PDF
N. Nusairat, M. Al-Kadri
Semantic Relations in "Al-Ebel" Book By Al-Asma'i PDF
Yasmine Al-Mousa, Basma Al-Rawashdeh
Sybawayh’s Second Level of Linguistic Use PDF
Jaza' Al-Masarweh
Young and Old Age in the Poetry of Andalusia: A Psychological Objective Study PDF
Raghda Zboon
Psychological Stresses of the Media in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia on the light of Some Variables PDF
Salman bin Mutlak Subai
Revisiting George Bush's Middle East Peace Initiative of 1991: Lessons Learned After 22 Years PDF
Hasan Mohammed Al-Momani
The Jordanian Parliamentary Institution: A Study in Political Representation PDF
Khalid Issa Aladwan, Khaled Mufadi Aldab
Syrian Poetesses from Yemen Tribes During Ummayyad Era PDF
Mefleh Al-Fayez

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