Experimental Study of a Steady State Flow in a Thermosyphon Loop System

Saadon J. Sulaiman, Ali M. Othman


The influence of some parameters on thermosyphon flow are observed and studied. The flow rate in a thermosyphon loop is measured using dye-injection. Measurements indicated that in addition to the influence of the temperature rise and the thermal head, the flow rate is also strongly dependent on the fluid inlet temperature. A simplified theoretical analysis is used to relate the various parameters in actual operation to determine the fluid flow rate or velocity. The results in general is represented by a correlation in the form of Re=A (Gr)B. This relation can be useful in simplifying simulation models for natural circulation solar collectors.

The deviation observed between the theoretical prediction and the experimental results is narrowed by accounting for kinetic energy dissipation and a correction of fluid properties.


Thermosyphon, Thermal Head, Friction Head, Temperature Rise.

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