The Role of Faculty-For-Factory Program in Developing the University-Industry Relationship

Ibrahim A. Rawabdeh


Academic institutions shoulder the responsibility of serving the national economy through the enhancement of the role of applied academic research. Therefore, a national program has been developed under the name Faculty-For-Factory (FFF), in order to develop the relation between industrial and academic institutions.

This program aims at achieving the following:

1.     The development of an applied model of cooperation between industrial institutions and academic institutions. This can be achieved through the establishment of a real cooperation between participating academia of different specialties on one hand and participating companies on the other hand. This kind of cooperation will benefit both academia and companies.

2.     The increased participation of academia in the development and implementation of technical and administrative programs for the industrial institutions. Moreover, they can make use of their knowledge and experience in the practical field.

The results of this program have shown that this fruitful cooperation between industrial and academic institutions made a bond between them. Furthermore, the program has given academia the opportunity to develop their knowledge and apply their theoretical concepts in the field. This has been positively reflected on their growth and enabling them to make use of the technical experience needed to solve problems and develop their products and services. Also, this program is considered of utmost importance for the development of academia’s abilities in teaching and academic research. Thus, students can get information and knowledge based on practical experience.


University, Industry, Partnership, Faculty-For-Factory (FFF), Jordan

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