Design of an X- Shaped Broad-Band Planar Antenna (Research Note)

Chehada Suleiman Moussa


This letter presents the design and analysis of an X-shaped planar antenna which is suitable for cellular telecommunications. Utilization of this unique geometry broadband operation is achieved with a probe feed. By using an antenna in X form shaped patch with dimensions (7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5) cm a broad band operation could be achieved. The electromagnetic software HFSS is used to design and optimize the structure. The resulting antenna can operate in the band: 1550 MHz to 3000 MHz covering GPS, DCS, PCS, and UMTS standards with a VSWR less than 2. Good agreement was found between simulated and measured results.


3D patch antennas, micro-strip antennas, mobile communication antennas, vehicle antenna, HFSS.

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