An Approach for the Design of an Optimum Industrial Engineering Curriculum

Issam S. Jalham


In this investigation, a model for the development of a curriculum to educate the industrial engineer was suggested. The model consists of three parts. These parts are the stakeholder customers' requirements, the stakeholder suppliers and the process of design or updating of the curriculum. A supportive part was added to the suggested model that arises the limitations on the process. The feedback that comes from the stakeholder customers was considered as a supplementary part to the process to have a closed loop form of the suggested model. This suggested model was applied to the curriculum that was designed for the industrial engineering department at the University of Jordan. To justify the optimality of the outcome of the suggested model, the designed curriculum of the industrial engineering department at the University of Jordan was compared to the ideal, regional and international teaching programs of the industrial engineer. It was found that this model is an optimal approach and can be used as a guide for any university to design or update its curriculum.


Quality, Education, Curriculum, Industrial, Model, Ideal, Stakeholder

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