A Numerical and Experimental Investigation into the Melting of Ice Around a Horizontal Cylinder

Jalal M. Jalil, Hassan K. Abdullah, Kadhim H. Safar


A Combined numerical and experimental problem of outward melting of ice around isothermal horizontal cylinder is studied. In theoretical work, a finite volume is used to discretize transient heat transfer energy equation in cylindrical geometry with cylindrical coordinates. The Line Successive Over Relaxation (LSOR) method is used to solve the descretized energy equation. An enthalpy scheme is proposed to convert the energy equation into non-linear equation with the Enthalpy (E). In the experimental work, an apparatus was built to estimate ice solidifying and melting around a horizontal cylinder and the temperature was measured around a horizontal cylinder in PCM. Numerical results of the enthalpy method were compared with experimental results and gave results in acceptable agreement. The difference is attributed to the negligence of the natural convection in theoretical calculations. The other reason is the assumption of one-dimensional distribution in the calculation of flowing fluid bulk temperature.


Ice melting, Horizontal Cylinder, Enthalpy Method.

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