A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Traditional and E-Learning Education in Jordanian Universities

Andraws Issa Swidan


In this paper, we present a comparative analysis between the effectiveness of e-learning and traditional learning in computer engineering field in some Jordanian universities: namely the University of Jordan in Amman and the Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in Maan. In each university a course was taught by the same instructor in two different ways: one with traditional teaching and the second with blended teaching. In addition to the comparison of the results of students in these courses, two other parameters were analyzed as well: the scientific material coverage and the cost of each of them. Results of this research show that e-learning is more effective in the capital Amman than in Maan. Compared to traditional learning E-learning is slightly more effective in both universities.


E-learning Education, Traditional Education, Comparative Study, Learning Effectiveness, Computer Engineering.

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