Anaerobic Biological Treatment for Slaughterhouses Wastewater by UASB Reactor

Salwa Mostafa Hajjar, Abdollah Ali Sagheer


This research concentrates on the study of anaerobic biological treatment for slaughter houses wastewater using UASB reactor at constant temperature -approximately 30°C. To some extent, the experiments showed that rapid start up is achieved by adding seeds of anaerobic sludge from another reactor, and with closed cycle.
At normal operating and after the starting up point, the removal efficiency of COD in UASB for wastewater with high organic load was proportional to the hydraulic retention time in the reactor, and to the vertical velocity.
For the vertical velocity, the values were: 0.32 m/hr, 0.16 m/hr, 0.1 m/hr, 0.08 m/hr, 0.064 m/hr, 0.0532 m/hr. As for the removal efficiency of COD: 35.78% - 48.93% - 56.15% - 73.1% - 76.33% - 83.37%, However, these values agree with hydraulic retention time which is as the following: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 (hrs).


Anaerobic Biological Treatment, UASB Reactor, Vertical Velocity in UASB, Slaughter Houses Wastewater Treatment.

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