Experiences with IKONOS and Quick Bird Images in a Mass Production Project

Abdullah M. Al-Garni


Space technology can produce a very high resolution imagery. Such products are attractive to municipalities, as they support and speed up production of spatial information. IKONOS and Quick Bird images have proved to be capable of providing both time and cost savings in a key Saudi Tele-Communication Company (TCC) project with which this study is concerned.

IKONOS and Quick Bird images of one-meter and 0.61m resolution have been applied in recent and large projects (90,000 km2) in a mass production mode. The end products of the project were mainly high quality orthorectified mosaics. From this experience, it was realized that the basic factors for success of mass production of spatial information from 1 m and 0.6 m resolution IKONOS/Quick Bird images include: the methodology used, the skills of the personnel, the software quality, ground control point specifications and DEM quality. With close monitoring of these factors, the overall planimetric accuracy of the orthorectified IKONOS/QuickBird images was in the order of ±1.69m.The present paper outlines this experience; the aim being to share this fantastic task with experts in the Arab World.


GIS, Image database, IKONOS, QuickBird, DEM, Images, Accuracy, Mass production

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