Evaluation of Biokinetic Parameters and Biological Treatability of Amman Slaughterhouse Wastewater Using Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

Baheera Abu Aamer, Ahmad Jamrah


A bench scale sequencing batch reactor with a total volume of 10L was used to study the treatability of Amman slaughterhouse wastewater and to investigate the effect of both cycle time and phase time on the performance of the sequencing batch reactor (SBR). Results showed that SBR operated with 8 hrs cycle time has achieved the best COD percentage removal of 98.7%. The operational mode resulting in the best treatment outcome was the 40% fill to react ratio which achieved COD removal between 85.3% and 97.3%. The performance of SBR in removing nutrients showed good ON, and P removals of 95% and 81%; respectively. The biokinetic coefficients of Amman slaughterhouse wastewater were determined using four bench scale batch reactors. Values of biokinetic constants obtained were Ks = 229.12mg/L, Y = 0.483 g/g, ┬Ámax = 0.618 d-1, and kd = 0.129 d-1; which compare reasonably well with values reported in literature.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Slaughterhouse Wastewater, SBR.

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