Evaluation of Biokinetic Parameters for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Using Aerobic Oxidation

Fayyad Mohammad, Ahmad Jamrah


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the biokinetic coefficients for pharmaceutical wastewater produced in Jordan. Composite samples of pharmaceutical wastewater were obtained from Al-Hikmeh factory for industrial pharmaceuticals in Amman, Jordan. The wastewater was characterized for its physical and chemical parameters, and four bench scales semi-continuous flow stirred tank reactors were then employed to evaluate the biokinetic coefficients of the wastewater. The study revealed that the half-velocity constant of the wastewater was 1535.8 mg/L, the maximum rate of substrate utilization per unit bacterial mass was 0.343 day-1, the growth yield coefficient based on COD was 1.15, and the decay rate constant was 0.027 day-1. Obtained values of these coefficients were well comparable to those reported in literature.


Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Biokinetic Coefficients, Half-Velocity Constant

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