Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Performance of a Box-Type Solar Cooker with Finned Pot in Jordan

Tariq A. Al-Azab, M. Q. Al-Odat, F. M. AlEssa


In this study, a box type solar cooker was designed, fabricated and tested under Irbid city (Jordan) prevailing climate conditions. The presented cooker is of the box type with two plane mirror reflectors. The thermal performance of the cooker is experimentally investigated. Testing was performed over two-month period between May and June 2007, with 2 Liter water load. The testing was conducted at Irbid city in accordance with the International Standard Procedure for Testing Solar Cookers. Two types of cooking pots with and without fins were tested in this work. It was found that, the maximum temperature in the un-finned and finned pots containing 2 lit of water was reached 90 and 98oC, respectively. Furthermore, many factors that affect the cooking performance were examined. These factors include the pot type, the solar intensity, the inclination angle and the local time. The results of this study show that the present cooker is able to cook most kinds of foods with an overall utilization efficiency of 43% with the finned pot.


Solar Energy, Box Solar Cooker, Finned Pot, Thermal Performance, Cooking Power

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