Crumbed Rubber for Non-Structural Portland Cement Concrete Applications

Osama A. Abaza, Saleem M. Shtayeh


This research aims to explore the potential utilization of crumb rubber from used tires in various types of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) for the production of non-structural PCC with special applications requiring attention to thermal and noise insulation, and material elasticity. Fine aggregate (beach sand) was replaced using the volumetric method by used crumb tires at different percentages of replacements for the various types of PCC (B-150, 200, 250, 300, and 450 kg/cm2). Physical characteristics on fresh and hardened concrete were studied using various laboratory tests. Concrete mixtures which contained crumbed rubber were compared with those of PCC without crumb rubber. Analysis showed that the compressive strength, density, and modulus of elasticity decrease as the percent replacement by crumb rubber increases. Water absorption increased as the percentage of replacement increased and slump did not show significant change. Abrasion resistance, noise insulation and thermal insulation increased as the percent replacement increased. The research recommended that crumbed rubber be used for non-structural PCC, such as floor rips, partitions, support stone structures, concrete board siding, concrete blocks, and other non-structural uses


Crumbed Rubber, Rubberized Concrete, Portland Cement Concrete, Physical Properties, Application

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