Assessing the Effect of Global Climate Change on the Future Jordanian Society (II): Implication

Teruaki Ohnishi, Wa’il R. Tyfour


An investigation was made on what strategic policy-making is required under the condition of global climatic change in sectors of energy, water and agriculture in Jordan, using a mathematical model previously developed to assess the future Jordanian society. According to this model, the increase in consumption resulting from the growth of both population and personal consumption was found to greatly exceed the increase of production in all sectors in Jordan throughout this century, especially in the case of climatic change. The introduction of distributed energy sources for insuring energy security, further efficient use of rain water and the introduction of new technologies such as desalinization, for instance, for water security, and the appropriate adaptation for the agriculture were pointed out as for the tactical policies in each sectors. Moreover, the importance of public awareness of the crises of energy, water and food is pointed out. Also, the necessity of building capacities for bringing up leaders to practice the adaptation, and the urgency of making long-term strategic policies in all sectors is emphasized.


Future Jordanian Society, Model, Global Climatic Change, Energy, Water Resources, Agriculture, Assessment, Risk Communication, Building Capacities, Strategic Policy Making.

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