Conservation of Palestinian Urban Heritage: The Danger of Destruction and Methodology of Documentation

Ahmad Abu Alhaija


This research illustrates models and methods of the destruction of Palestinian urban cultural heritage by Israeli occupying authorities between 1984 and 2008, demonstrating a systematic colonialist approach through the expropriation of Arab lands and its historical identity. The role of Palestinian Authority is highlighted by the management of natural and historical heritage in West Bank and Gaza Strip through legislation, regional and local plans and its failure to control the continuous demolition of traditional buildings and transformation of urban and rural fabric.

This research documents some of important resources concerned with Palestinian urban cultural heritage, identifies problems of archaeological and traditional buildings' registration under occupation and the lack of modern scientific approach. It also presents analytical studies and scientific methodology in order to prepare basic fundamentals of documentation process from the administrative and technical point of view. In conclusion, the recommendations of the research highlight the Palestinian urban cultural heritage on the local and international levels, and proposing legislative and planning tools necessary to conserve the urban heritage and organize the documentation phases.


Palestine, Heritage, Urbanism, Decay, Documentation, Conservation.

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