A New Technique for Treating Oily Wastewater (Research Note)

Elham H. Shamkhi, Kifah M. Khudair


The conventional systems of oily wastewater treatment include flotation and gravity separation systems. The efficiency of oil removal by these treatment systems has seldom reached 90%. In this study, a new technique has been developed and applied in a lab scale for treating oily wastewater. This technique includes the use of sheep wool as a filter media for removing oil from water and is called ORUW-system (Oil Removal Using Wool-system). This technique was applied on oily wastewater from Basrah Oil Refinery. ORUW-system was operated in five conditions in which wastewater flowrate, influent oil concentration, and wool thickness were varied. The results have shown that the percentages of oil removal vary over the range of 98.74-99.98%. The performance of ORUW-system was compared with that of conventional oily wastewater treatment system and it was found that this system has higher efficiency and requires neither pretreatment nor post-treatment.

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