Behavior of Steel Plates Under Axial Compression and Their Effect on Column Strength

Ahmed H. Al-Wathaf, Yasser M. Hunaiti


An experimental study is conducted to investigate the behavior and postbuckling strength of plate elements in square and rectangular steel hollow sections having width-thickness ratios more than that in common rolled sections and their effect on the strength of columns. Two types of stub columns are tested under axial compression until failure; ordinary tubes and tubes reinforced by longitudinal stiffeners.
Based on the test results, two empirical compact equations for the effective section take into account the interaction between plate elements that are formulated to predict the postbuckling strength for both types. The interaction strength of columns having tube sections is predicted using the modified SSRC (Structural Stability Research Council) column strength equations to consider the effect of local buckling of plate elements. All the results are compared with the relevant formulas and the AISC specifications.

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