Abrasive Wear of Al-Mn Alloys

Nofal Al-Araji, Hussein Sarhan


Aluminum-Manganese alloys are often used as a solution to wear resistance and mechanical behavior problems in industry, where many parts have to exhibit high abrasive wear resistance and considerable mechanical properties. In the present work, the effect of microstructural changes on the wear behavior of Al-Mn alloys was investigated. Cast specimens of Al-Mn alloys were tested using pin-on-disk machine. The effect of wear parameters, such as load, linear speed, surface roughness and sliding time, on wear resistance was investigated. The wear resistance was evaluated by wear rate during certain intervals of time. The results indicate that wear resistance can be improved by increasing the percentage of Mn to 1.5%. The wear surface was studied using optical metallurgical microscope. The results show that polishing wear occurs due to the effect of fine abrasive particles. Work hardening layer (white layer) has appeared on the worn surface of specimens, which means that the wear resistance has been improved.


Abrasive wear, Al-Mn alloys, Wear resistance, Polishing wear

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