Examination of the Thermal Equilibrium Assumption in Free Convection Along a Vertical Flat Plate Embedded in a Non-Darcian Porous Medium

M. Q. Al-Odat, R. A. Damseh


The validity of the local thermal equilibrium assumption in free Forchheimer convection from a vertical flat plate embedded in a non-Darcian porous medium is numerically investigated. Forchheimer’s extension model is used to describe the fluid flow in the porous medium. The governing equations are first transformed into a dimensionless locally similar form and then solved by the Keller box method. It is found that four dimensionless parameters control the local thermal equilibrium assumption. These parameters are the volumetric Nusselt number, the modified Rayleigh number, the Darcy number and the Forchheimer number. The influence of these four parameters on the validation of local thermal equilibrium assumption is analyzed.


Free convection, Non-Darcian porous medium, thermal non-equilibrium, Two-phase, Numerical simulation

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