Stress Distribution of Two Closely Separated Single Footings on Infinite Soil Media

Bassam N. Abu-Ghazaleh


The effect of two symmetric linearly varied line loads, placed adjacent to each other on a semi-infinite elastic continuum is studied. Five cases of loading are studied to include both normal load and varied moment effect. Non-dimensional curves are produced to indicate the variation along both horizontal and vertical sections of the continuum for: vertical deflection, normal stress, horizontal stress, and shear stress. The study is carried out to observe the effect of complete separation between adjacent parts of the structure, at an expansion joint, on soil stresses. For the uniformly applied load, the footing separation has no effect on the soil action. For other cases, the effect is within a square zone of twice the width of the footing. Therefore, extending the expansion joint vertically through the footing will produce unnecessary local high stresses.


Footings, Elasticity, Stress Analysis, Concrete Structure, Finite Element Analysis

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